Time For A New Calendar

Don’t you just want to kick yourself when you forget an important appointment or event?  I know I do…want to kick myself, that is.  So I decided to make my first post about the importance of having and faithfully using a calendar.

Having a calendar and actually using it can reduce so much stress from your every day life.  Imagine being prepared for just about everything.  Sure there are going to be unexpected things come up but every day doesn’t have to filled with unexpected and forgotten events.  Your calendar(s) is the best place to record and organize all of those appointments and events.

Who needs a calendar?  Everyone!  In my life it would be myself, my husband and my children.  Since I am Mom, I am expected to remember everything within the family.  It is just too much to remember without a little help!  Let’s see there are school events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, church events,  my husband’s work related events, doctor’s appointments, due dates for the bills,…you get the point.  Unfortunately my brain doesn’t seem to store that much information on it’s own.  Time to go out and get that new calendar for 2011.   I want my whole family to get used to using the calendar by making entries and checking it on a daily basis.  I think this will create a positive habit for them in the future and relieve some of the stress from me.  I will always welcome less stress.

Now, what kind of calendar to buy?  There are monthly, weekly and daily calendars.  There are regular paper calendars, calendars on your mobile phone, mp3 player, computer and electronic organizers.  There may be some that I haven’t even thought about.  What you use and where you use them depends on your life style.  Because I am a stay-at-home-mom my main calendar will be on my refrigerator.  That is a place that my whole family visits several times a day. I guess it should be called the “Family Calendar”.  I want one of the monthly calendars with the large daily squares so that there is plenty of room to add multiple events.  I would like it to have a magnet on the back with a hook for hanging it up.  If I can’t find it, I’ll make it.    I think I will also need a small monthly or weekly calendar for my purse so that I can add things when I am away from home.  I suppose I could use my mobile phone but that just isn’t me.  I already have a calendar on my desktop computer that is on the wallpaper.  It is very easy to use and doesn’t replace your current wallpaper.  Best part is it’s free. It is called Active Desktop Calendar and can be found in my links.

Now that I know what type of calendars I need, I just need to get into the habit of using them the right way. Knowing how forgetful I am I will probably need to check the Family Calendar first thing in the morning and before bed just for a reminder. I will also need to check the purse calendar at least once a day in case there is something I wrote in it. Any entries in the purse calendar should be added to the Family Calendar so that everyone at home knows what is happening throughout the month. Since I am on my laptop several times a day the Active Desktop Calendar will just serve as a gentle reminder.

Now that I know what type of calendars I want and where I want to put them it is time to go out and get them.  I won’t be doing this for at least a couple of days so if anyone reading this has any suggestion for a great calendar or where to get them please post it.



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